Wingham Festivals That You Must Visit At Least Once

Wingham is a small town that barely exceeds 2,500 people. But it’s a town with a big heart. Say what you will about how much better a city festival can be, but a countryside festival has its own charm, own uniqueness.



In many ways, Soundbeats is as good of an electronic festival as you can get across the whole Europe. We won’t lie. You can find it online and in the brochures – compared to lineups of DJs and musicians Soundbeats is a little behind from their major European counterparts. But like we said, what it lacks in size, it gives back in heart.

Not only there is beautiful scenery, but all around Wingham and Kent there is so much to do before and after the festival. You must check it out.

Wingham food Festival

wingham food festival

As far as festivals in the city go, they are loud and crowded. Town festivals are someone different even though many of the same vendors come.

Wingham Food Festival is historical as well as plentiful in what it has to offer. Plus, recently the festival started growing its guest count from outside of the island.

Pro tip: when you come here, ask for mr. Johnny. He’s usually on the right side of the main gate but even if he’s not, people will know where he is. He makes the best pies in the whole of England. Come late and there may be none left.

Wingham Horse Fair

Another reason to come to Wickham (or just leave the city in general) is ability to live near horses. See them run free, ride yourself, this may be one of the most satisfying sights in the world).

Right, the fair. It’s centuries old, known all across the country and has some of the most exquisite horse breeds in the world. You can watch, learn, trade or share secrets. One thing is sure – you will meet plenty of friends here.

Naturally, the event is dedicated not only to the professionals who meet here every year to share secrets and trade, and but also general public. It is full of things to do, whether it’s many of horse-related activities, playing outdoor games and try out food.

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