What To Do In Wingham – My Best Piece Of Advice

what to do in Wingham

Wingham is not where I grew up. Actually, I discovered Wingham during my studies in Kent. I immediately fell in love. Kent may be the most beautiful county in all of the UK. Maybe the world.

If you can, come. Come and stay for a week. Discover Wingham, explore Kent – you will be blown away. I’m sure.

What’s Wingham is ideal for?

I love to call Wingham ‘the headquarters’. It’s like my home base where I come to refuel. I do a lot of nature photography, I love cycling and camping. That’s partly why I never leave Kent. It has all what I ever need.

Wingham is not for you if you need fancy restaurants, SPAs and that sort of a thing. For me this is an ideal place to wind up and relax.

How to Spend an unforgettable weekend in Wingham

Why should you come Wingham?

If you love nature, you should come. It’s that simple. Here’s why.

Wingham is in a perfect location. By itself, it has many places to see and experience. But it is also has ideal surroundings. Yes, Wingham does not have everything but within 50 miles you will find anything you’d ever want.

Where to settle?

wingham hotel

Wingham is full of beauty, so any campsite you find should do the trick. Some are more suitable for tents, others for caravans. But I love Preston Court glamping. It’s like a hotel in a tent. A bit luxurious but doesn’t take away the nature feel.

They will provide the accommodation and facilitates. So, you’ll be fine even if you’re only got a backpack. They even offer internet access, if you want to check out your favorite gambling website during the night.

But during the day, first thing to visit is the wildlife park.

Wingham Wildlife Park

Wingham Wildlife Park

One thing I can promise, is that you will never get enough of the Wingham Wildlife Park. It’s probably my favorite place in the whole UK. I used to come here with my parents, now I bring dates here and I know I will bring my children here as well. And there is always something new to see.

The enclosures are spacious, there is a wide variety of animals to see. You can check for feeding times in advance and meet your favorite animals up close.

Check out the architecture

Wingham has some astounding architecture. Schedule a walk around the town for at least two hours. Take the Canterbury road and visit St. Mary’s Church. Enjoy an afternoon and stop by The Anchor for lunch.

Next day, the beach

Even if you don’t have a car, you will have no trouble getting to the beach. Go to the Sandwich bay next to the Sandwich and Pegwell Bay National Nature Reserve. You will spend the most remarkable day – I promise.

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