Why and How You Should Set a Travel Budget   

Surprisingly, unforgettable travels is not everyone’s dream. In fact, we often get asked about why travel at all?  

But that’s where you have your answer. You travel, basically, to find out why you should travel. You gain perspective. Sometimes you start appreciating much more what you have.  

You know when they say that you only understand what you had when you lose it? It’s just like that. But traveling is a soft way of losing. You lose all what you have, but for a short time and get to see what it means to you. That’s why Wingham is perfect for such trips. Don’t pack large bags. A backpack, a book and a few articles of clothing should be enough, especially in Wingham.  

Maybe you like to play football with your friends, enjoy getting 50 free spins offers online and visiting your in-laws. When you return from a two-week trip, some of those things you will miss more than others.   And that’s how you should sort out life priorities.  

 Here is a quick way of setting up a travelling budget. Spoiler alert: if you only travel when you have money or ‘are prepared’, you probably won’t travel much.     

 Pick a spot 

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Near or far. Simple or complicated. It’s your choice. Don’t just stab blindly a spot on a map, but decide upon everything. With reason. Pick where you want to stay, what you want to see.  

Eventually, you will have a price.  

 Let’s do some math 

 Let’s say you would love a trip in the summer. OK. The cost of your trip divided by 7 months and you have the amount you need to save per month. You can do it weekly, extend or shorten the time.  

 Obviously, this is 3rd grade arithmetic.  

 Let’s start saving 

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I don’t remember who said this but it’s true: self-control is overrated. You have your weekly/monthly amount. Now it is time to automate your saving. Go to your bank account and set up recurring payments as soon as you receive your salary. Trust me, you don’t want to save only when you have some spare cash.  

This is a simple system but one that still needs to be implemented. Do it today and start getting ready for your next trip abroad. Because this time it is going to be awesome!  

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