Why Countryside is Better than the City

country side vs city

With all due respect to the major cities, we do not mean that in a pretentious or proud manner. All we are saying is this:

if you listen to the news and even occasionally glance at a TV, you may think that the world has gone bonkers. Spoiler alert, it hasn’t. But too much city can certainly give you that impression.

So, if you ever find yourself wanting to escape to find some calm and piece, here’s why you should consider Wingham or any small town in the English countryside.

Reasons to Come Visit Wingham this Summer

Without further ado, let’s talk why you should come to Wingham more often. Let’s start with the obvious – fresh air.

Nature is mesmerizing in here. If you like concrete, that’s all fine. But escape the city and lift your head. You will see the most beautiful sunsets and the sunrises, a night sky complete with stars and you will breath the cleanest air you have had in your lungs for a long while.

wingham summer

Here you know your neighbors. If you are ever in trouble, you can turn to them for help. And they will, no strings attached. You must agree, in the city that is as rare as a $100 bills lying on the streets. That’s because that’s the way the country has been always operated. If your barn roof needs fixing, someone will help you and then everybody will help someone else to gather the crops.

You appreciate what you have. Here, you don’t need much. Maybe a rod to catch fish with, or a loaf of bread when you’re hungry. Whatever it is, what you have is if often enough. While, if you live in the city, you constantly compare what others have to your own possessions and, surprise surprise, it is never enough.


There is a lot a city can offer, and you definitely need that in your life in order to not get ‘country soft’, meaning forgetting everything over your own fence. But UK is one of the rarest countries whose citizens love talking a refuge from the weekend or during the summer in their own county.

And that’s amazing. However, that’s more a senior citizen’s activity. No matter your age, come and relax at the countryside, live here for a week or two, if you can. You will feel much better.

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